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  Dunwell Plaza    Room 5D
  1920 Amsterdam Avenue
  New York, NY 10032


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About us

Tangs Consulting Services is a website consulting firm located in Manhattan, New York. Tangs Consulting Services has provided high-quality website consulting services to some of North America’s most successful businesses from website design to web hosting. We have succeeded by providing all of our clients with effective and efficient services aimed at maximizing their productivity and minimizing their costs.

Our objective is to provide each client with comprehensive support services to assist them in achieving their goals. When Tangs Consulting Services manages your company’s online sell or service issues, be assured that a team of industry experts is working for you.  

Our success is evident in our client’s successes. Our goal is to help each of our clients become leaders in their respective industries. 90% of our business is from return clients and referrals. for superior website consulting services choose Tangs Consulting Services.

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